Top 10 Air Purifier in India |
by HOWTIL TEAM, Dec 10, 2018

Top 10 Air Purifier in India

1.Philips AC2887/20 2000 series AeraSense Air Purifier

This product has been launched by Philips which is well established company and people can trust on it. This purifier covers up to 441 square feet it is designed for rooms , removes bacteria and virus up to 99.9%. it is an 100% ozone free low noise during sleep mode powers 60 watts

2. MI Air Purifier 2s  Air purifier

As the name suggest this company known for its economical cost India it is known for its better good at cheap price this product is form mi and lets look at its specification. This purifier is of room type , filter type hepa , coverage area 400 square feet, power consumption 29watt

3.Airspa Hepa Air Purifier

This company is known for making air purifier for the cars they have specific areas such as cars which make them different from others it covers area of 350sqft, comes with UV and Anion Mode and Odor sensor, noise 18db, comes up with digital display and washable filters and power 40 watts

4. Dyson TP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier

This product is known for its compact design it is mobile device and easy to carry. The features are as automatically monitors and report levels of air quality. Comes with 360 glass HEPA filter and tris impregnated activate carbon filter, removes allergens up to 99.95% and uhf as small as 0.1 microns , oscillation feature to circulate he purified air in the room, low energy consumption, coverage area 600ft , power 40watt

5. Philips AC3256/20 3000 series air purification

Again it is Philips as we said above it has made some reputation in the  market so you can buy by closing your eyes it features are as. Covers area up to 818sqft /766sqmtr, ideal for living room or bedroom, 376m, real time pm 2.5 areas sensing technology, removes virus and bacteria up to 99%, hepa filter yes noise 33db, comes with child lock safety feature, power 660 watts.

6.Dyson Pure Cool Air purifier

Again it is a mobile gadget that can be carried from one place to another place the feature are as. Eliminate allergens up to 99.95% and pollutant, it comes with 360 degree glass HEPA filter and tris coated activated carbon filter technology. Allergy and asthma friendly, covers large area upto 600sqft, air speed 10, it has hep filter, easy to clean and energy efficient comes with patened air multiplier technology for air projection feature for circulating the purified air

7. Philips AC1215/20 1000 series Air Purifier

Again the Philips in the market with another product of Philips with feature are covers area upto 667, low consumption of energy, 270 m3/hr, it has general, allergen and night sense modes, removes allergens up to 99.97% and ultra fine particles, ideal for bedroom or living room, color dislplay with touch panel child lock safety feature hepa filter yes noise 33dd power 50 watts

8. honeywell HAC25M12O1W AIR Purifier

It is also an another company which competing in the market with this product consisting feature. Convers area up to 323sq ft/30 sq mtrs ideal for room, cadr 250 m3/hr washable filters, comes in advance filtration system, removes allergens up to 99% and ultra fine particles above 0.3 microns, 100%ozone free, it does have hepa filter, power 53 watts

9. Sharp FU A80E Air Purifier

The feature of this purifier is. Reduces ultra fine arts particles from pm 2.5 to zero mcg/m3, Cadr 480 m3/h, Odour and infections are removed by plasmacluster ION technology, It has dust sensor for monitoring air quality and auto restart function, Ideal for room size up to 600sqft, Hepa filter Yes, Low noise and consumes less power, Power 35 watts

10. Philips AC2882/20 2000 SERIES Air Purifier

Another product of Philips there are lots of product in the products related to air purifier Philips always do job in bulk it does not comes up with one product instead comes with some product variant the feature of this product are as, Coverage are up to  409sq ft , suitable for large sized room , removes ultra fine particles as small as 0.02 microns, removes bacteria and virus up to 99.9% cadr 324m3/hr, 100% ozone free, high efficiency purification method noise 20.5 db  hepa filter yes power 56 watt BO1M1S19JE.

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