Top 10 Furniture Companies in India |
by HOWTIL TEAM, Dec 10, 2018

Top 10 Furniture Companies in India

1) Zauri furniture

Most of the consumer does not about it but let me clear Zauri furniture is the subsidiary of Birla Group and it was set up in the year 2001. Don’t doub this company by its name it has 25 distributor, 15 wholesaler and over 475 dealers spread all across the country. It offers furniture like bedroom accessories, TV tolleys, cabinet, computer tables, kitchen and dining furniture, office equipment etc.

2) Usha Lexus Furniture

The company came into existence in the year 1983. It is flagship company of Shriram Grooup. The most interesting thing about this company that it offers one year warranty replacement with the furniture. They deals in bedroom, kitchen, living rooms etc. The company also offers trailor made services to its customers.

3) Godrej interio

Godrej is that company who has just established its brand by its name. Whenever a person came to know the name of godrej he directly link it to furniture rather than linking it any product Godrej is considered best company in india. Godrej manufactures all kind of furniture like Dinning sets, dining tables executive series, office desk, beds and cupboards, sofas, dining tables, wall units etc.

4) Durian

This company is known for consistency and specialization the company has started its operation in 1999 when it opened its first store in Ahmadabad. This company has outlets in major cities of the country. Some of its furniture are Durian office chair with Leatherite Seat Cushion and Backrest, Durian Regal Night Stand, Durian High Office chair etc.

5) Damro

Chennai based company founded in 1996 and does not limited to India only it can be found anywhere in the world. Damro’s one third outlet are in india and rest are elsewhere in the world. 55 outlet are present in india out of 160
It products are sofas, tables, bedroom, kitchen and office furniture. Meanwhile sofas are best because they are affordable


Found in 1962 as subsidiary company of Smany Group and joint venture with twyfords UK. It also known as HSIL. One of the most popular brand is Hindware. It deals in home furniture, kitchen furniture, soft furnishing and post care service. HSIL is india’s largest sanitary products with market share of over 40%.


It is Swedish based company entered in the Indian market with corporate office in New Delhi . IKEA has 50 suppliers all over the country and deals in home décor , bedroom, kitchen, office etc

8) Wipro furniture

It offers all kind of furniture such as furniture like cabin furniture, all kind of tables, partition systems, workstation, benches etc. It is a Banglore Company and part of wipro LTD. It has operation around 40 different countries in the world.

9) Hulsta

This can aslo be called the costlier brand among the existence brand it has only two it is a german based company. It has two showroom in India one is in New Delhi and the other one is in Mumbai.
The products are of best quality as they aer quite expensive as compared to other brands

10) Nilkamal Ltd

It is the world’s largest manufacturing of moulded furniture and material handling system. The best part it is not expensive as other companies mentioned in the list
Dynasty , Style Spa , Home Town, Houseful, Elvy etc.

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