Top 10 Event management company In India


Event Management industry has turned out to be possibly well over the span of the latest decade. We have seen an unfathomable interest in events on express subjects. Be it a show, gathering, corporate event or long separation races,people have started to value a wide scope of events correspondingly and adequately.

Who made such monster speculation possible at each kind of events? Lets surrender it for all the event the officials associations who passed on varieties of events to the Indian group.

It is difficult to pick top 10 event organization associations in India pondering the colossal proportion of great associations and their undertakings, all proportionate and centered

Picking the primary ten event the board associations in India is exceptional. There are various parts of event the board like security, social event of individuals recognizing confirmation;, transportation, spending arranging, etc.

  1. Sercon

Sercon is an event the officials association with its headquarters in Bangalore. The association was set up in 1996. They help in thing dispatches, social occasions, corporate motion pictures, visual shows, laser shows, and sound shows. The association has worked with various pharmaceutical associations, telecom, and amassing parts.

  1. Procamrunning

Procam Running is an event the officials association known for dealing with long separation races all over India. If you are a long separation sprinter, you would consider Procam Running. They have dealt with long separation races for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, TCS Bangalore, and the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. They work with the committed running club called Endurunz club. The club sees and remunerates your undertakings of running.

The association is before long worth $264,350.00. They had $46,650.00 in pay and made $452.47 in advantages.

  1. Tafcon Group

Tafcon total is an event the board association who work in dealing with general shows and gatherings.They have dealt with Coal beneficiation, IME, Travel the movement business and sincerity expo and other government events. Notwithstanding the way that not uncommonly powerful by means of electronic systems administration media as a brand themselves, TAFCON has shown astonishing event dealing with capacities in their gatherings.


Cineyug is an association which masterminds give limits, appears, corporate events, live shows, and brand sorting out. It is a Mumbai-based boss incitement association. The association is set up by Karim Morani, Bunty Soorma, Aly Morani, Mazhar Nadiadwala, and Mohomed Morani. The association has as of late been locked in with making films like Raja Hindustani and Damini. They had dealt with Zee Cine Awards and Stardust in the year 2013. The association is a pro in executing adventures. The association has a cultivated and sharp gathering that can take up any endeavor. The association has united together with The Walt Disney Company.Beside business movie age (Raja Hindustani,Damini to name among others), Cineyug makes live shows, field event and gigantic scale give limits give Stardust and Zee Cine Awards in 2013.

  1. Source Transmedia

Source Transmedia is an event the barricade association set in the year 1995. The association has worked with colossal brands like Philips, MTV, Tata gathering, Max Telecom, and Pepsi. They expeditiously take an interest in Advertising, Entertainment, and Communications. The music division is named the Orange Juice who is known for propelling all inclusive masters and stage manifestations. They sort out music festivities like One Tree and Mahindra Blues. A segment of their prestigious clients like Disney, VISA, Star Movies, and Samsung. The association’s standard corporate office is arranged in New York.

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  1. DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt.Ltd

DNA Entertainment Networks has its home office in Bangalore. It has now opened their branches in New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. The association has worked with various general experts like Sir Elton John, Ricky Martin, and Enrique Iglesias. DNA Entertainment Networks deals with unrecorded music shows up, give shows up, road shows, and thing dispatches. The association masterminds around 90% of the worldwide music events and shows in India.

7)  Showtime Group

Showtime takes the obligations with respect to brands to make an undertaking. They have stashed distinctions like WOW, PINNACLE, EEMAX and GALA in latest 5 years and steadily raising their bar. Their work experience lies industry wide in social events, road shows up, thing dispatches, sports, signature events, TV and much more with names like BMW, TAJ, Infosys, Louis Vuitton, Google.

8) WOW Events

WOW events has a better than average inclusion in Product dispatches, they have impelled things with amazing achievement for G five, Hitachi I clean, Jaypee Cement, Orient fans and Ultratech premium security dispatch among some tremendous names. They have dealt with a huge amount of unprecedented events like HT city grounds fashionista, The Anoushka Shankar Project and Max Bupa champions class among various others.

  1. Percept

Percept is a champion among the best event the officials associations in India. One of their most prominent achievements is the relationship of the Britannica Filmfare Awards South in 2015. They are moreover known to deal with a champion among the most standard EDM event called as Sunburn. In the continuous years, the association has won various distinctions for their insightful properties and events. They are known to appreciate advancing, brand and promoting consultancy. They are moreover known to deal with the Mrs. India World, Mrs. World expo, and Golf Event Management.

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  1. Wizcraft

Wizcraft can be portrayed as the most assumed incitement the officials association. They have their focal station in Mumbai. IIFA is the pioneer event of Wizcraft. Wizcraft is the pioneers in the event business. They are known to be related with corporate events, TV creation, introductions, and retail structure. The association has various conspicuous events up their sleeves. They in like manner managed the opening administration for the Commonwealth Games. They in like manner have working environments in the U.A.E and London. Standard Charters, Wipro, Red Bulls, Adidas, and IBM, are a bit of their most prestigious clients. Wizcraft has more than 600 corporate houses


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