Top 10 two wheeler manufacture company in India

These two wheeler companies ensure that they manufacture best and solid bike in low price for everyone. Because every India family purchase at least one bike in own life. Bike is important part of an Indian middle class family.  Every middle and lower class people don’t have enough money to buy a car. but bike is fit his budget. Some bike have low price that reason they think about purchasing bike.

Top 10 two-wheeler manufacturers in India

1)         Hero MotoCorp


This company was known as the Hero Honda Motars Limited. Some Time later they spilit own Partnership and change company name Hero. Hero MotoCorp is a largest two wheeler Manufacturer Company India. This company sale is 4135200 units of two wheelers during April September 2018. These company some Motorcycles are sale in high quantity like Hero Splendor and HF Deluxe.

2)         Honda

honda activa 5g pearl spartan red

This is second company in our list who purchase many bike in our Record. Honda Motorcycles are known for offering quality bikes with significant value for each dime you pay. Honda Activa tops the chart with over 2,18,212 units sold in November 2018.

3)         Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield

This is a good bike for travelling and every person think about this bike for Purchase. The company sold a total of 72,510 vehicles  in the month of May 2018 in India registering a growth of 23.64 per cent, when compared to the 58,647 vehicles that they sold in the month of May 2017.

4)         Bajaj

Bajaj Vikrant

Bajaj Auto was established in 1930 in Rajasthan. The top motorcycle brand in India, Bajaj is known for it’s most famous- Pulsar with sales of over 54,000 units in Feb 2018.Second is Bajaj Platina with over 40,000 units. Bajaj also manufactures three and four wheelers in India.Bajaj sold over 2 million units last year and currently has a market share of around 10%.

5)         TVS

TVS Victor-over

Tvs is one of the cheapest bikes in India. TVS’s most popular bikes in India that are sold Apache series. The most expensive bike of TVS in India in the series is Apache RR 310, and the cheapest bike is Apache RTR 160.In RTR, series it offers RTR 160 4V, RTR 200 4V, RTR 180.

6)         Yamaha

Yamaha Bike

Yamaha started operation in year 1985 and then 2008  Mitsui and Co and Yamaha Motor joined Business and Create Yamaha Motor Private Limited in India.

7)         KTM


KTM Is one of the best sports bike in india. CROSS industries AG and Bajaj Auto Limited Join Our Company and Manufacture KTM Bikes in india. It is very good for Racing . just pick the bike form Showroom and go to Race Because KTM Sologan is ‘Ready to Race’. You purchase Bike and go for Race. Tyre is Important part of any vehicle that’s reason we also write Top 10 Tyre company in india.

8)         Suzuki

Suzuki is Japanese company as it’s name suggests and has been rules the automobile company  for a long time period. It gained success in Four wheeler but it also good in two wheeler manufacture. In india the Model of these company which rules the market Gixxer, Slingshot,Hayate, Access, Let’s, Swish, GSX, Hayabusa, Intruder, V-storm, ATVs (Ozark, Quadsport)

9)         Mahindra

mahindra Centuro

Mahindra Bike one of the Best and Popular bike in India. Their Speciality is in Creating bikes which Posses standard and Durable machine which makes it handier in the indian market. Mahindra is known for its high utility turbo duty vehicles. Whenever someone thinks of Mahindra, the first thing to come in mind is the guarantee of strength and stability.

10)       Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, Inc, USA, which was founded in 1903.They produce such bikes which instantly becomes popular among the new generations. The company  had been started in Our country in 2010.


November 2017 Model Rank Model November 2018
2,26,046 Activa 1 Splendor 2,25,536
2,25,737 Splendor 2 Activa 2,18,212
152,879 HF Deluxe 3 HF Deluxe 168,839
82,247 CB Shine 4 TVS XL Super 74,590
73,226 Glamour 5 Passion 74,396
69,888 TVS XL Super 6 CB Shine 70,803
62,553 Jupiter 7 Pulsar 69,579
55,680 Passion 8 Jupiter 69,391
51,809 Platina 9 Glamour 63,416
49,534 Classic 350 10 Platina 62,555

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