Top 10 ways to control you Electricity Bill

save your electricity bill


In present World, Electricity is a Power source of all Human made things  Equipment.  Electricity is all around us–powering technology like our cell phones, computer, lights, Laptop’s, and Ac. It’s tough to escape it in our modern world. Here are our top 10 electricity saving Tips that will reduce your next Month electricity bill.

  • Turn off lights when no one in room inside. This sounds obvious, but many people have a bad habit of leaving light on as the go from room to room. If you have children remind them to turn off the lights as well. and Send them back to the room to turn off the lights and fan. This can apply whether you are in the house, or not. If you aren’t in the room, the light doesn’t need to be on.
  • When possible use a fan instead of you air Conditioner. Ac is take more Energy if you are using fan it will definitely save Energy.
  • Configure you laptop and computer in hibernate mode when not in use. Computer are take more energy. If you not use and go outside for some work shut down your computer before going. You have to low your system brightness and used night mode in your system. One other option is you have to used night theme in Your laptop for saving Energy.
  • If you cook some meal don’t use oven. Used Normal Gas for saving Energy Oven take High energy.
  • If you wash clothes in washing machine daily. It will take More Electricity don’t wash clothes daily in your life. Wash two and three days clothes in One Time. As for your washing machine clean your clothes on the cold water setting and save on utility costs. And also wash clothes in old style like Our old parents do. Washing some clothes in hand don’t used washing machine on two and three clothes.
  • If you using the standard Power Board you device probably wasting energy. If we use smart Board it will save energy.  You should turn off your device and appliance Turn off when no one in Used.
  • If you really want to save electricity  and reduce Your  BIJLI  Bills in next Month. Solar Panel is a Great  Choice for saving electricity .  it is the best way to save electricity and help for Saving environment. Outside Country people use solar panel for saving electricity and reduce Bill. Solar energy is a Pure Source of energy without Effecting Environment.
  • Don’t use Light in a middle of day Open window for lights. Used Led light for night.  Led light save 85% of Electricity on using normal bulbs.
  • Purchase energy efficient appliances. If you purchase 5 star rating appliances they save your electricity in Everyday.
  • If you have an Electric Shower and a water meter.  Spending not much time in shower it will Reduce Your electricity Bills Amount.




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